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Megan G says:

After reading some reviews prior to my trip I went into this hotel with an open mind as there had been so many mixed reviews but I was amazed! Upon arrival we were greeted by staff who were very friendly and helpful.

The hotel pool was astonishing! Very well kept, clean and with a perfect view out over the ocean. The staff at the pool bar where very friendly and skilled and always up for a good laugh. Many other reviews mentioned black tar on the beach, but during our stay there was none.

There are many restaurants connected to the resort, our favourite being the Dino Bistro. The food there is amazing. A great selection of western and asian foods. The kitchen is sunken with glass surrounding it, so you can watch the chefs making your meal – very cool.

There are also many activities around the resort in which you can participate, including archery, riffle shooting, paint ball, bowling and there is also an elephant park. These are located just outside the resort-hotel but they provide a free shuttle bus to get you around.

Overall, an excellent resort-hotel. Will definitely be coming back in the future for another stay.

(Via TripAdvisor)


July 17, 2014
Lisa B says:

We just returned from a 4 day stay at the Nirwana Gardens Resort Hotel and had a great time. However, and after visiting I can see how, depending on the room you get, this resort would get very different reviews. We booked our holiday thru Cathay Pacific as a package deal.

Upon arrival we were greeted with a refreshing welcome drink and dancers – which was quite fun and gets you into the island resort mood. Our check-in was quick, handled by cheerful staff even though when the ferry bus unloads, they are overwhelmed with MANY travelers who are tired and hot.

When we got to our room, I have to say, we were disappointed. We knew, from reading previous reviews that they were in the process of updating the resort rooms, and I’m guessing since we booked through a ‘package deal’ we got one of the basic rooms that had yet to be updated.

We decided to check with the front reception desk to see if they had any rooms left that had been updated and faced the sea. They checked, informed us they did and would be happy to move us. They did charge extra for the upgrade, but we expected that and had no problems with it. When we got to the new room, we were standing in a completely remodeled room, modern bathroom fixtures, beautiful décor and spacious. A room worth the price and what we anticipated, when booking a resort get away.

Based on previous posts, I would agree, the beaches are nice. The food is nice, but I felt the prices were a bit inflated, drinks too! SGD $7 for a can of beer and $10 for a simple Gin/tonic. The breakfast buffet was a pleasant surprise. Many choices, always kept fresh and replenished. The staff is friendly and always ready to help. The pool area had multiple sections to accommodate the various guests – kids shallow pool, large lounging pool, swim up bar pool, activities pool, etc.

All in all, our goal was to have a relaxing getaway to a place we’ve never been to before. We had a great time and would recommend the resort – just know if you’re expecting a fresh modern room you need to request it.

April 9, 2014
Ketheesan says:

Wonderful place for relaxation, if you want to jump out from busy Singapore life. 50min ferry from Singapore, ideal choice for weekend/extended weekend travel from Singapore. Superb swimming pool, and long white sand beaches, nice surroundings, ideal resort complex. Lots of activities for adults, kids. Good place for anyone love water activities, windsurfing, water-skiing, jet-skiing. We stayed two nights, rooms charged at a reasonable rate.

If you expect food and beverages to be as cheap as other neighboring places of Singapore (Batam, JB, KL, etc) , its not a right choice. Of course this place is expensive and over priced, usually 20-60% more than Singapore prices;(

April 9, 2014
Andrea L. says:

I stayed 3D2N at Nirwana Resort Hotel from 28-30 March 2014. This was my third trip there since about 10 years ago.

I booked a superior room and the room has not been renovated yet, so much of the interior decor is quite old. But the room is clean and comfortable, everything working in order, so no complaints for that.

The sea view is really nice. In fact, it looks much nicer than the last time I visited years ago. Other than some tar on the beach, the water is actually pretty clear. However, I would not recommend swimming in the sea as you might get some tar on your body, as even a walk on the beach had gotten my feet stained with tar. There are some beach chairs at the beach and it’s really relaxing sitting in of them and enjoying the sea breeze.

There are many food choices within Nirwana Gardens but they are all rather pricey as they are priced in SGD. The fried rice and Gado Gado at the Pool Side Restaurant are pretty nice, so is the Chicken Tandoori and naan at Spice Restaurant @Mayang Sari. The seafood at The Kelong Restaurant is a must-try, especially with the wonderful view of the setting sun as a backdrop.

The Saturday (29 March) when I was there, the Pool Side restaurant also held a Indonesian-themed buffet dinner at $38++. I didn’t go for the buffet but it was a pretty well-organized event with a great spread and the guests were entertained by a rock band as well. Will certainly give it a try on my next visit.

The buffet breakfast was included and it was a pretty good spread, which included both Western and Asian selections. The service was prompt and there are sufficient seats for all guests.

For those who are interested in massage, the spa there is not fantastic. The foot massage was way below expectation, and I would definitely not try it again. The body massage is just average. The lady at the spa desk at the hotel lobby kept trying to hard-sell me the more expensive spa package at Mayang Sari, at $92 for a 60-minute massage. I’m not sure if it is really good coz I didn’t opt for it, not for that price.

If you need ice for your drinks in your room, you’ll have to pay $1.20 for a bucket, and the room fridge was not working very well in my room.

What impressed me was the great service by the staff at the resort. They are friendly and helpful, and their great service really made me feel at home.

Great job too for the staff at the Pool Side restaurant, especially Zainal (not sure if this is how his name is spelt), who managed to help me get hold of some fresh tempeh to take home.

Overall, this is my best stay at Nirwana Resort Hotel.

April 9, 2014
Banahnah says:

Having read the mixed reviews on Tripadvisor, I was prepared for the very worst – no water heater, noisy nights, bad airconditioning etc. But I was pleasantly surprised by what I got instead.

This is no 5 star hotel with butler services – this was a relaxing beach house, almost Kampong styled with a small deck. Yes, there were lizards in and around the house that made noises at night and even lizard poop on the hard-to-reach ceilings, but nothing that grossed me out too much. The rooms were cleaned and towels were replaced on a daily basis, and bottles of drinking water were provided complimentary in the fridge daily.

We opted for a triple room and they converted the sofa into the third bed for my friend – which basically meant they took the cushions off and gave her pillows, blanket, bolster etc + towel too. We were provided with 1 bar of soap as toiletries, so please remember to bring your own toiletries if you are planning to stay here. The air-conditioning is good, water heater good, but water pressure not so good (still good enough to wash my hair etc though). We loved how we could just sit outside the house and look out at the lily pond (we were in room 31)! Once, we saw a monitor lizard run across too!

We could use the facilities throughout the resort so we definitely went around to have a look at the others! The pool at the resort hotel was good, with free beach towel provided and many beach chairs available for use. There’s a pool bar too which serves cocktails in watermelons/pineapples if you’re so inclined. NBC was conveniently located to the major attractions like the resort hotel, beach massage area, main lobby, resort centre (there’s a shortcut through this NO ENTRY area) etc so it is quite easy to get around if you’re ambulant. There’s a free shuttle service every 30min too for days when you’re feeling lazy!

Breakfast at the Coffee Shop was awesome. It was about a 5-10min walk from NBC along the beach with a breathtaking view. Breakfast finishes at 10.30am so we basically had brunch and saved on having to eat lunch there. Food was pretty pricey but we decided to just splurge and enjoy. Our meals averaged SGD40-50/pax. There are cheaper options around so don’t worry. Cocktails/drinks were about SGD8-15. One can of coke ranged from SGD2.50-5 depending on where you look. The pub has activities almost every night with live band performances too. We were initially looking forward to the beach party on Sat night, only to find out it was cancelled. :( Ended up at the pub instead.

We bought the ALL-IN ACTIVITIES PASS from the activities counter at the resort hotel after reading a review on Tripadvisor. It was worth it! Only SGD 40++ and you get the following:

1. 1 bowling game excluding shoe rental (SGD1.50/pair)
2. 1h of table tennis (we swapped this to a game of bowling instead)
3. 15 arrows of archery
4. 15 rounds of air rifle
5. 1 round of elephant ride
6. 1 round of horse ride
7. 1 flying fox
8. 1h of kayaking
9. 1h of body boarding
10. Free use of kidz club (for kids only)

Not many people know of this pass (staff included). One of them asked us where we bought the pass from, which amused my friends and I. So do make use of the pass if you’re interested in activities!

All in all, a good experience! Keep up the good services and keep smiling! 😀

April 2, 2014
FuzzyM_70 says:

Gorgeous beach, wonderful and friendly staff, and amazing weather made the weekend getaway an absolute treat. Nice to see the rooms have finally gotten a much needed makeover, making our stay at one of our favorite places in Indonesia a delight. Glad to be back and look forward to more quick escapes.

(via TripAdvisor)

April 2, 2014
cinteo says:

It was my first time at Mayang Sari Beach Resort from 22-23 Mar 2014. I paid SGD236 per night via It was recommended by my friend for a short getaway and I would return the next time I go to Bintan. If you prefer a quieter beach to relax at, I think this is the resort to go to compared to the others like Bintan Lagoon Resort. We got the sea view chalet at one end. Food there is average. The seafood is nothing to shout about although the view at the kelong is beautiful. There were 2 places that were closed for private functions unfortunately, during the evening we were there leaving us a little disappointed not being able to explore more. If you’d like to go for massage @ Spa Anindya, remember to reserve your preferred time slot beforehand and double check your reservation upon your arrival at the resort to avoid any disappointment. Lesson learnt for me.

March 25, 2014
NeetuMGupta says:

We have spent two nights at Mayang sari from 16-17 Dec 2013. It was our first stay, the best part about the resort was its location. Just 30 steps away from the sea, you clear out the curtains of your resort and the beautiful sea is there. Hotel staff werecourteous. The other added advantage was their “SPICE” restaurant, they have a full variety of Indian food. The vegetarian food was delicious and we ended it with “Kulfi”. A beautiful,nice, peaceful place it was and, yes, the resorts are beautifully constructed (spacious, clean & have all facilities).. Love to go again.

(via TripAdvisor)

March 21, 2014
MrsMorelli says:

I stayed at Mayang Sari 5 times since 2008, always loved it! Love the location so close to nature and the beach – it’s just perfect!!! So romantic and relaxing, just being lazy by the beach all day long, we will be back next year, June 2015, with our kids.

(via TripAdvisor)

March 15, 2014
wayfarer21 says:

Accommodation are beach hut style. The room is simple but it’s been recently refurbished so it’s clean and nice. Bathroom was completely refitted. Bedroom is spacious, but the tv is old and tiny, and reception is very poor. Otherwise all amenities are there – coffee/tea maker, fridge, safe, hair dryer. Housekeeping staff are friendly and hardworking.

Rooms are on a long nice stretch of beach, even our garden view rooms are just steps from the beach. Love the beach. Best part of this hotel.

Short walk to the pool in main resort, passing the mini zoo which is very well-kept. Kids loved it.

(via TripAdvisor)

March 2, 2014
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