Get away from the boring brainstorming sessions and bring your next creative ideas or events to new heights at The Pub. This lounge can even accommodate birthday parties with your family and friends or offers spaces for events and make a great place for you to wind down the night with drinks.


周五 及 周六: 晚上 8:00 至 凌晨 1:00

平日: 酒吧仅用于举办私人活动与团队预订。如欲咨询,请发送电邮至。

容纳人数: 80 人(室内,包括 1 间私人包厢)

  • 软饮品——每罐 10000 印尼盾
  • 啤酒——每罐 20000 印尼盾
  • 烧酒、烈酒、香槟、葡萄酒——每瓶 300000 印尼盾




Tropical Escape to Paradise!