Coral Reef Building Project

The Coral Reef Building Project represents Nirwana Gardens’ commitment to environmental stewardship and responsible tourism practices. The hotel has constructed artificial reefs using iron racks to provide a solid base for the growth of natural coral structures. These reefs will not only provide habitats for a diverse array of marine life but also serve as educational and research platforms for scientists and tourists alike. Currently, Acropora corals have been secured to these structures with the aim of providing a foundation for coral development and growth. These corals live in colonies and develop in the shape of sunshades and act as an ideal refuge for many invertebrates and fish.

Nirwana Gardens’ staff dive into the sea every day to monitor the condition of these corals, and during monsoon season, the six racks are moved to a deeper area to prevent destruction to the racks. This project embodies our dedication to preserving the natural beauty of our beaches, while offering guests a unique opportunity to engage with marine conservation efforts firsthand. We believe in the importance of protecting our oceans and are proud to take proactive steps towards sustainability.