210kg of Waste Cleared by Nirwana Gardens Staff Volunteers

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The seaside lawn in front of Spice Restaurant buzzed with activity as 50 staff from Nirwana Gardens gathered with a shared purpose. They came armed with gloves, bags, and a determination to make a tangible difference. The stretch of coastline from Spice Restaurant to Indra Maya Pool Villas, spanning 500 meters, were meticulously combed through as staff stooped to pick up every piece of discarded plastic, glass and other trash that had marred the beauty of their beloved coastline. Conversations ebbed and flowed as they worked, sharing stories of why this cause meant so much to them.

By midday, as the last section of the 500-meter stretch was cleared, a sense of accomplishment washed over the group. They gathered near Spice Restaurant, their bags filled to the brim with the refuse of human consumption.  In total, they had collected approximately 210 kilograms of waste. This staggering amount served as both a testament to the scale of waste washed into our seas, and the power of community action. As they surveyed the now-pristine coastline, the sea breeze carried a renewed sense of hope—a reminder that every small effort counts in the fight against environmental degradation.

The cleanup concluded with a vow to continue their efforts, to educate others, and to advocate for lasting change. As the volunteers dispersed, some lingering to watch the waves gently lap against the shore, they knew that today marked not just a cleanup, but a beginning—a ripple of positive change that would resonate far beyond the sea view grass area of Spice Restaurant.

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