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The Nirwana Adventure-based Learning Zone (NABLEZ) at Nirwana Gardens is created specially for children ages 4 and up, to experience an enriching and enjoyable program during their stay. Guided by our experience and professional staff, NABLEZ Kids Club offers a weekly itinerary with activities varying daily, designed to be fun for the children while their parents enjoy a day of relaxation at the spa, on the golf course or simply on the beach.

The daily activities are created to stimulate creativity, wonder and exploration in the children, be it balloon crafting, sand castle building or going on a treasure hunt. There is something for every child or youth at NABLEZ Kids Club, with different activities available for pre-teens as well. We aim to provide a day of experiential fun and learning for your children to bring home great, life long memories of Nirwana Gardens.

Some of our scheduled activities include the following adventures:

  • Balloon Scupting
  • Face Painting
  • Sand Castle Building
  • Storytelling
  • Horse Feeding
  • Archery and Air Rifle Shooting
  • … and many more!

You can view our NABLEZ Kids Club Daily Activities and Fee here.


Registration at NABLEZ Kids’ Club (Check in and Check out)

  • The parent/adult must personally bring their children for registration.
  • The parent/adult must personally fetch their children before 6:00pm.
  • Rates are not inclusive of lunch or drink.
  • With regrets, we are unable to cater to children:
    • under 4 years old;
    • with medical/special needs;
    • with illness

Children who are under 4 years old

It is compulsory for the parent/adult to accompany their children who are under 4 years old during the period of activities.

Children Accompaniment Policy

It is the parent/adult responsibility to accompany their children while staying at the club to look after their safety, belongings and to prevent any type of accident.

Safety and Security

  • The parent/adult must be the same person who fetches their children to and from the club.
  • The parent/adult is not allowed to bring their children with illness to the club.
  • Employees are not allowed to give any type of medicine to any child; they must refer to the parent/adult to the in-house doctor.
  • All activities have to be moved inside the clubhouse during rainy days or when lightning occurs.


  • Children should dress in simple, light and comfortable clothes.

Special Situations

Any situation can occur during the activities at the club, including the child’s adaptation or when they lose control. If this happened, we will immediately notify their parents. It is very important for the parent/adult to leave their mobile numbers or location contact, where they could be reached in case any unusual circumstances arise.


The parent/adult shall be liable for and indemnity for any harm to the hotel, its agents, owners, and employees against any damage, cost, expenses, liability, loss claims or proceedings due to accident, death, injury, illness, sickness to the other children, including loss or damage to any property during the period the children attending the NABLEZ Kids’ Club activities.


Kindly note that all activities are subject to availability and/or weather conditions. Program activities may change without prior notice. For the latest schedule or for bookings, please approach our Guest Information Centre at Nirwana Resort Hotel lobby.

The location and operating hours have been adjusted, please see below for new adjustments:
Kids Club at Sari Lounge – 8am to 4pm daily