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Hot Pot & Asian Grill

The food scene in Bintan is getting steamy and aromatic with Hot Pot & Asian Grill’s bowl of sinful goodness. This restaurant is here to give diners a new concept of Asian dining with table top cooking. Inspired by the well-loved flavours of Asia, diners can prepare to dig into scrumptious soup bases from clear broth to flavoured soup, these quintessential bases are carefully selected to pair with the wide range of hotpot ingredients available.

The restaurant’s design featured elegance with see-through glass windows to the beautiful outdoors. The interior element of the restaurant speaks the personality of this new place. The space indoor gives out a sophisticated ambience whereas those who love to venture into open-air dining, there is an option to dine outdoors on the patio. A separate private room is available for those who prefer an enclosed private space with divine garden-view.

We believe comforting food is staple for anyone and over at Hot Pot & Asian Grill, we have the perfect setting over a pot of wonderful soup for get-togethers, meaningful family bonding or even just a comforting meal.