Dear Guests,

We are pleased to announce that some of the Mini Zoo protected animals are officially relocated to Safari Lodge Lagoi. Within the months to come, part of our effort involves moving all the wildlife animals out of their currently established habitat and into a larger one, which plays an important role in balancing the environment. As some of you might know, we provide a habitat for these animals on behalf of Safari Lodge as part of our corporate social responsibility and we have staffs responsible for the care and maintenance of these animals till their new habitat is ready. A lot of the animals including the Cassowary, Eagle, Crocodiles, Slow Loris, Peacock and some of the Pythons have been successfully relocated. The rest of the wildlife animals will be moved gradually as we believed in working to protect and restore the nature wildlife on which they depend. The Mini Zoo will feature a combination of pet animals including Rabbits, Fishes, Iguanas, Turtles, Falcons and Domestic Fowls.


Warmest Regards,
Nirwana Gardens Management Team