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The latest addition to a unique Nirwana Gardens experience, Anindya Spa by Andaru presents an authentic Indonesian Spa experience with a variety of traditional Indonesian beauty treatments from various regions in Indonesia. The Anindya brings harmony and balance to the mind, body and spirit through holistic healing, through their special techniques in combination with the Indonesian Heritage formula.


Discover the Genuine Pampering of Indonesia’s Most Exotic Island

Anindya, derived from the ancient Sanskrit meaning ‘perfect beauty’ and Andaru meaning ‘gift from God’, evoke the harmony forming the spirit of the Anindya experience. Rooted in the timeless healing traditions of Indonesia’s rich culture, Anindya Spa by Andaru is raised to restore balance and harmony between body and mind in an oasis of beauty, tranquillity and grace.


Experience the Indonesian Spa Culture & Heritage

Adding to the authentic Indonesian Spa culture, Anindya Spa uses herbs and essential oils sourced from all over the Indonesian archipelago. Anindya Spa also offers traditional massage treatments from Bali and Java, aiming to provide guests with the best experience of Indonesian Spa culture.


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Update: All of Anindya Spa outlets in Nirwana Gardens will be closed until further notice.

The power of touch has miraculous effects. Step into Massage & Reflexology at Nirwana Resort Centre for an afternoon of muscle reflexology. Massage has the power to relax, heal and help release tension and fatigue without the aid of conventional medicine, reducing anxiety and creating the feeling of one’s well-being.

Restore your stamina with a series of energizing therapies in the comfort and privacy of your own room. Locally produced herbs and spices are used to arouse the senses, stimulate the body and leave the skin exquisitely smooth.

Operating hours:
Daily 9am – 11pm

The greatest way to luxury is having space and time to focus on your well-being, making Anindya Spa the perfect location to heal the body, calm the mind and renew the spirit. Experience complete relaxation in luxury spa villas nestled within Mayang Sari Beach Resort, with an extensive menu of local, regional and international spa therapy treatments available.

Operating hours:
Daily 9am – 9pm

Experience a combination of soothing strokes and classic massage techniques, whilst surrounded by the beauty that is the tropical island of Bintan. Located on the beachfront of Nirwana Resort Hotel, guests can unwind with a massage surrounded by natural beauty and the sound of lapping waves. With treatments using specially blended and signature aromatherapy oils, a treatment at the Anindya Beach Massage is the perfect stress release to completely relax the body and mind.

Operating hours:
Daily 9am – 5pm


For enquiries and bookings, please contact +65 6323 6636 or email to reservations@nirwanagardens.com