Beach Volleyball

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Sun, Sand, and Spike!

Make the most of your quality time by playing beach volleyball!

When it comes to choosing family activities that blend recreation, physical fitness, and an enjoyable atmosphere, beach volleyball stands out as a fun choice. The thrill of the game sets a perfect setting for families to bond, stay active, and create lasting memories together. It’s an all-for-one sport that will accommodate all skill levels and ages, where families can have everyone participate, and learn about teamwork & communication. The game’s simplicity allows even the youngest family members to join in, ensuring that everyone feels included and valued during play.

It’s also not just a sport, but also a fun workout experience for both adults and children. The soft yet uneven sand will provide extra resistance but challenge your movement. You will also pump your heart rates by running and jumping on the beach as you enjoy the beautiful coastal scenery of Lagoi Bay.

If you stay at Nirwana Resort Hotel, head to the clubhouse near the infinity swimming pool, and our friendly staff will provide you with the volleyball and set up the net for you. But if you stay at our Mayang Sari Beach Resort, worry not, for our front office staff will also provide the same service for you free of charge.
With the sound of waves in the background and the warmth of the sun, we ensure you that the memories of sharing laughter and creating memories will last a lifetime.

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