Would you like to watch newborn turtles get released into the wild? We welcome everyone to share this experience for education and awareness of sea turtle issues at the Banyu Biru Villa beachfront. When the Green and Hawksbill Turtles visit our shores to lay eggs, our turtle conservation team will collect and bury the eggs in a sheltered hatchery to protect them from predators and poachers.


This year, we found a batch of turtle eggs on 16 May. The eggs will be conserved and monitored for approximately 60 days before they hatch. We then release the baby sea turtles within 3 days after the first egg hatched from the nest. As hatching is a largely unpredictable process and nesting dates are based on estimation, the baby sea turtles will hatch naturally when they are ready. The exact date of our public release will depend on when the clutches of eggs are ready for release.


Make your holiday even more meaningful by taking part to witness one of nature’s miracles! Get up to date information or find out the next scheduled turtle release here.