Nirwana Gardens Awarded “Exemplary in Paying Taxes” by Regent of Bintan

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Nirwana Gardens received the “Exemplary in Paying Taxes” award presented by the Bintan Regent, Mr Roby Kurniawan, recognizing our exceptional commitment to tax compliance in 2023. Among the 75 hotel businesses in Bintan, 20 were honoured with this acknowledgement, underscoring our dedication to cooperative and timely reporting and payment of taxes.

The award bestowed by the Regent is a testament to Nirwana Gardens’ dedication to fulfilling our tax obligations responsibly. Our proactive approach and cooperation in accurately reporting and promptly settling our taxes reflect our commitment to contributing to the local economy and supporting the region’s growth.


Nirwana Gardens Also Receives Certificate of Appreciation by Governor

Nirwana Gardens recently received an esteemed appreciation certificate from the Governor, Ansar Ahmad, acknowledging our active participation in the local internship program, “Pemagangan Dalam Negeri.” As part of this initiative facilitated by the Department of Manpower and Transmigration of the Riau Islands Province, our hotel played a significant role by engaging in mentorship activities.

In this program, we took under our wing and mentored a group of 12 individuals from vocational high schools across Bintan. Spearheading this mentoring effort was Deden Gunawan, from the F&B Service Dept, supported by the expertise and guidance of Maria Bergitha from the Housekeeping Dept and Habibullah from the Human Resource Dept. Their collective dedication and guidance contributed immensely to the skill development and learning experiences of these young talents.

This commendation isn’t just a certificate; it symbolizes our commitment to fostering local talent and supporting community initiatives. Being acknowledged by the Governor reaffirms our dedication to nurturing the next generation of hospitality professionals and reflects our alignment with the Department’s objectives in promoting skill development and opportunities within the Riau Islands Province.