Second Beach Cleaning at Indra Maya Pool Villas to Boost CSR Efforts

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In an ongoing effort to contribute to environmental sustainability, Nirwana Gardens conducted its second beach cleaning initiative in 2024 at the Indra Maya Pool Villa vicinity on March 4, 2024. This event, which took place from 08:00 to 09:30 WIB, is part of Nirwana Gardens’ monthly beach cleaning program.


The diverse team of 29 staff volunteers, showcased a collective passion for preserving the natural beauty of the coastal ecosystem. Each participant brought a collaborative spirit and a sense of shared responsibility by identifying and removing non-recyclable waste, such as plastic bottles, styrofoam, glass bottles, ropes, and fishing nets, from the shoreline. The collective effort not only improved the visual appeal of the beach but also contributed significantly to the health of the local marine life. As sea turtles occasionally come up to our beaches to lay eggs, it is imperative that the resort does its best to ensure its original habitat remains unchanged through the years.

The positive impact of the beach cleaning initiative extended beyond the immediate cleanup. Participants shared a newfound appreciation for the delicate balance between human activities and nature, deepening a sense of responsibility and care for both staff and the environment.

One of the remarkable outcomes was the collection of an impressive 150kg of waste, tangible proof of the positive impact achievable through collective action. The removal of this non-biodegradable debris prevents potential harm to marine life, preserves the natural beauty of the beach, and contributes to the overall well-being of the coastal ecosystem.

Nirwana Gardens expresses heartfelt appreciation to all the staff volunteers for their dedication and commitment to this impactful initiative. As part of its ongoing commitment to environmental initiatives, Nirwana Gardens is committed to continuing such events that foster a deeper connection between the community and achieve long-term environmental sustainability.